1.     Format is a 4-person best ball scramble, with trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 23rd places.

2.     Must have two Solterra residents per team. Teams can be all women, all men, or any combo of women and men.

3.     Our goal is to get as many people out golfing and having fun, and raising money for a great cause.  There will be skill competitions and great door prizes, so everyone will have a chance to take home something. All ages and skill levels are encouraged to play!

4.     To that end, will be using a modified Peoria system to level the playing field. 6 random holes are selected by the golf course Tournament Director, and those 6 holes will determine your teams handicap. Scorecards will be adjusted with your team’s handicap and winners will be announced during lunch. Scorecard playoff will determine any ties.

5.     Max of 8 mulligans per team ($5 per mulligan or 8 for $30). Players are allowed to use only two mulligans each. Mulligans cannot be utilized to enhance your shot to win a skill competition.

6.     Each team must use two drives per player; one on front nine and one on back nine.

7.     Men will play from the Arrowhead tees and women from the Columbine tees.

8.     In an effort to speed up play, do not search excessively for lost balls. And remember, Bogey is your friend.  If you miss your Par putt, pick up your ball and record a Bogey.

9.     Observe all Arrowhead rules and regulations, and enjoy the day and this amazing course.